SimforHealth offers an immersive, interactive and collaborative approach to the training of health professionals, in line with the ethical concept “Never the first time with the patient

Thanks to our medical, educational, and technological expertise, we have developed solutions which have already enabled the training of more than 30,000 health professionals across the world.

SimforHealth is recognized by BPI France as one of the 2,000 most innovative companies in France (BPI Excellence 2016), is ranked 256th in the 2014 European Deloitte In Extenso Technology Fast 500  (fastest-growing companies over the last 5 years), and raised 5 million euros in May 2016 to speed up its development.

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Numerous partners have confidence in us and are working with us on our projects:

Our mission

Convinced that digital simulation can improve the care of patients, SimforHealth creates and markets customized solutions for digital simulation teaching, aimed at medical students and at health professionals in continuing education.

Our solutions help with patient management via virtual consultations, which rely on a range of methods and technologies including 3D real-time simulators, serious games, virtual reality, mixed or augmented reality. Working alongside health education establishments, our company is thus developing immersive, interactive and collaborative teaching tools.

Working alongside health education establishments, our company is thus developing immersive, interactive and collaborative teaching tools.


Our vision

The medical excellence to which our doctors aspire is not innate. It is only by being faced with a situation, at least virtually, that one can learn.
Being stimulated in one’s learning by a virtual patient and by questions, allows learning to be more active, more fun, and easier to memorize. Sharing facts and ideas advances everyone’s knowledge.

At the cross-roads of all these principles, digital simulation is, for SimforHealth, the missing link between theory and practice, and is a complementary learning method which should find its place in both initial and continuing training programs.

SimforHealth wishes therefore to be the partner of choice for healthcare stakeholders, to build with them the future of training via digital simulation.

Our philosophy and our values


“Never the first time with the patient”,

is the motto at the entrance to the Boston Center for Medical Simulation, on which SimforHealth bases its developmental philosophy, so that a patient can be cared for by health professionals  who are perfectly trained.

Respect is also a value which drives our teams. Beyond an open and attentive attitude, respect of others is about keeping one’s commitments to them in the long-term, whether it is a member of staff, a partner or a client.


Just as we help students and health professionals, through our training solutions, to aspire to excellence in their profession, so with our staff, we encourage the desire to excel by giving them the means to develop their expertise to reach the medical, educational and technological standards which our sector demands.

Our company is composed of educational and medical experts to provide a better understanding of health training needs, as well as software engineers specialized in 3D to recreate realistic clinical practice conditions.

Sharing of knowledge

We think that all discoveries and new facts should be shared and offered to the community for critical comment and debate, in order to advance the body of  knowledge. To that end, we design training solutions which aim to be collaborative so as to increase knowledge exchange on an international level and encourage the professional development of our doctors.

Our methods of in-house working are themselves collaborative and rely on the sharing of everyone’s knowledge and experience to arrive together at the best solutions.


Innovation is the source of creativity, energy and competitiveness.

Our Research & Development unit is constantly on the look out for new technologies on the market, in order to offer the most immersive and realistic solutions possible. Our collaboration with research centers such as INRIA allows us to be as close as possible to technological advances.

In-house, we make innovation a leitmotiv, so that everyone in their day-to-day work is driven by a desire to improve.

The SimforHealth team

  • Jérôme LELEU

    Jérôme LELEU

  • Dr Vincent VARLET

    Dr Vincent VARLET

    assistant director-Medical advisor
  • Ronan LE QUÉRÉ

    Ronan LE QUÉRÉ

    Managing director
  • Danielle VILLEDIEU

    Danielle VILLEDIEU

    Professional relationship director
  • Xavier ABADIE

    Xavier ABADIE

    International Business Development Director
  • Olivier GARDINETTI

    Olivier GARDINETTI

    Chief Technical Officer
  • Sophia SOULÉ

    Sophia SOULÉ

    Executive assistant - International projects coordinator
  • Sophie HERVÉ

    Sophie HERVÉ

    Head of Marketing and Communication


    Communication officer
  • Dominique DEBAY

    Dominique DEBAY

    CEO Canada
  • Guillaume BRUN

    Guillaume BRUN

    eHealth Project Manager - Pharm.D
  • Clémentine DUPOUY

    Clémentine DUPOUY

    Project manager
  • Maxime POTVIN

    Maxime POTVIN

    Digital simulation project manager
  • Maxime LENTZ

    Maxime LENTZ

    Digital simulation project manager
  • Nathalie PIERARD

    Nathalie PIERARD

    Consultant - E-health project manager
  • Anne-Sophie MILCENT

    Anne-Sophie MILCENT

    3D Graphic designer
  • Eric MERESSE

    Eric MERESSE

    Graphic Designer
  • Stéphane PETIT

    Stéphane PETIT

    Unity 3D developer
  • Philippe RICA

    Philippe RICA

  • Julien VERHAEGHE

    Julien VERHAEGHE

    Back-End developer
  • Clément SADAUNE

    Clément SADAUNE

    Unity 3D developer
  • Kevin BONNEAU

    Kevin BONNEAU

    Technical artist
  • Laurent LE GORREC

    Laurent LE GORREC

    Unity 3D developer