CES 2018

09/01/2018 - 12/01/2018

After being chosen by the virtual reality giant, HTC VIVE™   to share its exhibition space, SimforHealth will be presenting a virtual reality simulator in multi-user mode – a technological advance helping team-based health care training.

Communication and discussion between health professionals, in the same place or at a distance is now possible thanks to the multi-user version of virtual reality clinical cases designed by
SimforHealth. It will be presented in HTC VIVE’s exhibition area (The Wynn, Alsace Ballroom – first floor), and will, furthermore, be the only player from the health care sector to be included. The global leader in virtual reality headsets is keen to demonstrate the educational value of the new technologies in the training of health professionals and so chose SimforHealth to illustrate technological excellence in the health care sector.


For this 2018 version, the participant will be immersed in an operating theater in the role of an intern in medicine at the University of Stanford and, working in partnership with his instructor,
will have to prepare for placement of a stent. From the anesthesia to the operation, all steps will be guided by ultrasound.

Initially developed with the Department of Vascular and Endovascular Medicine at Stanford and Dr Oliver Aalami, this model of collaborative clinical cases in virtual reality is a new advance in the development of MedicActiV – an international platform for consultation and distribution of virtual clinical cases, dedicated to the training of health care professionals.
With a large on-line library of simulators and clinical cases, available in virtual reality or on computer/tablet, learners can practice independently at a distance, or face-to- face, where and when they wish.

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