Mobile World Congress

26/02/2018 - 02/03/2018

Following on from their participation at CES 2018, as guests of the virtual reality giant HTC Vive, SimforHealth will be at the famous Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, from February 26th to March 1st next.

With 2,300 exhibitors and more than 100,000 participants expected, the MWC will unveil innovations from around the globe which are transforming the world of mobile.

Exhibiting at HTC Vive’s stand, the SimforHealth teams will showcase virtual reality in health care training, presenting their first case in multi-user mode, in which a student and instructor practice placing a stent. This will also be an opportunity for SimforHealth to cement their relationship with HTC Vive, to continue developing health care training via digital simulation. 

« We have SimforHealth, showing-up a really exciting multi-user training simulator » JB McRee, Senior Manager, Product Marketing

” You mean like @SimforHealth. Put my first stint 🙂 ” Obrien Daniel General Manager HTC Vive