Tailor-made simulation

Our teams recreate your patient care environments virtually to immerse students and training professionals in real working conditions. The 3D simulations can be experienced on various devices, depending on the learning aims: computer, tablet, virtual/mixed/augmented reality headset, etc.

With a blend of ergonomics, realistic environments and specific clinical cases, the 3D simulations promote active, immersive and interactive learning, thus encouraging the memorization process and healthcare professionals’ involvement in their training.

The MedicActiv offer

SimforHealth has developed
MedicActiV, a proposal for the creation and sharing of virtual clinical
for all healthcare professionals.

The MedicActiV platform

The MedicActiV platform aims to distribute medical knowledge to the largest number of people by encouraging a collaborative approach.
Universities, university hospitals, simulation centers, academic societies, teaching organizations, can all create their clinical cases and distribute them to their learners or to their peers for teaching purposes.

Whether in initial or continuing education, health professionals can in this way consult clinical cases on our platform and develop their knowledge and skills, thanks to learning by digital simulation.

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The authoring tool, MedicActiV

We invite you to create your own clinical cases with the help of an editor.
With MedicActiV, any health professional, without any special I.T. knowledge, can create a clinical case in its entirety by entering the virtual patient’s medical record, the doctor/patient conversations and the different diagnostic and therapeutic decision options, as well as, at the end of the simulation, an assessment of the decisions taken. The resulting virtual clinical cases work thanks to an interaction between a “real” doctor and a “virtual” patient through a “chatterbot”.

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  • Medical schools, university hospitals, simulation centers

    We offer new training tools to equip your trainees with the preparation needed to offer excellent patient care
  • Training

    Digital simulation is both innovative and efficient and will really make your continuing training programs stand out
  • Learned

    Digital simulation tools enable colleagues to share good practices more easily
  • The medical
    device industry

    Model your medical devices in real-life situations to make training to use them easier
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories

    Energize your professional meetings with innovative, efficient, simple-to-use tools

Learning by digital simulation

Digital simulation allows students to acquire their first skills and health professionals to keep their knowledge fresh by practicing virtually, so as to be optimally prepared to manage a patient. It is by being faced with a situation that one really learns how to deal with it. 

Digital simulation also enables the presentation of rare pathologies which a health professional may only see once in his or her career. The sharing of knowledge between peers through digital simulation techniques helps train everyone, hence avoiding the need to practice the first time with the patient.

Digital simulation allows learning by trial and error without any consequences for the health of a real patient, and provides an immersive learning experience in which stimulation by a virtual patient and by questions helps memorization.

Practicing procedures, discussing therapeutic decision making, training virtually for complex situations – all are educational objectives to which digital simulation brings an innovative and relevant contribution, with the advantage of being adaptable to new forms of training:  at a distance, alone, in a group etc.

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