SimforHealth and Esprimed, creating virtual cases for radiological protection

5 April 2017

Esprimed, company of trainings in the radiological protection for the healthcare professionals, wished to develop and to implement innovative trainings thanks to virtual clinical cases about radiological protection, realized with digital simulation.

During several months, the team of SimforHealth followed step by step the requests and the pedagogical objectives of Esprimed to understand as much as possible their expectations and educational wishes.

Thanks to theses exchanges between the teams in charge of the project, a virtual clinical case was created and will be soon transmitted to more than 18000 possible learners.

Esprimed needs the practitioners and the healthcare professionals to train in an innovative and a continuous way being autonomous.

Thanks to this picky work, Esprimed developed a specific training, dispensed soon to more than 18000 learners.

Thanks to a special and unique e-learning training divided into 21 items, the learners could be the actors of their training. They are proactive.

Valued by a qualified analysis of their attitudes and reactions of the learners during the cases, they also will be valued thanks to MCQs which occur in a regular way during the virtual clinical cases.

During this process of construction of training, SimforHealth, its project Managers people in charge of the Communication and the team R*D, were very attentive to the requests and needs of Esprimed to create clinical cases as closely as possible to the reality, in a so advanced domain as the radiological protection is.

This training made of 4 virtual clinical cases will be soon available on our platform MedicActiV. It will permit the learners to return freely and as much as they want it on the online clinical cases.
To try, to learn, to start again, to share … are some of values and possibilities that we wished to implement for this first collaboration with Esprimed (with Claire Van Ngoc Ty et Guillaume Bonniaud).
Next Wednesday on April 26th, during our yearly conference, you could discover the first case realized in association with Esprimed.

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