SimforHealth offers an immersive, interactive, and collaborative approach for the initial and continuing education of healthcare professionals as a publisher of innovative virtual solutions.


For the past 4 years, SimforHealth has been working with all the healthcare providers to design immersive and interactive learning solutions.
Our simulators have already been used to train more than 50.000 healthcare professionals worldwide.
We align with the ethical rule:  “Never the first time on the patient.”

Numerous partners have confidence in us and are working with us on our projects:

Our mission

Our mission is to provide interactive and efficient ways to train healthcare professionals thanks to the latest technological innovation.

We offer a wide range of simulator technologies such as screen-based simulators, or virtual reality depending on the pedagogical objectives.


Our vision

Learning by doing has always been a preferred way to teach medicine. Virtual simulation allows repetition in training, improving retention of information, and confidence of the learners. Virtual healthcare simulators are efficient to deliver a wide range of pedagogical objectives such as clinical reasoning or procedural learning. Virtual simulation is a necessary supplement to current training solutions.


Our philosophy and our values


“Never the first time with the patient”,

is the motto at the entrance to the Boston Center for Medical Simulation, on which SimforHealth bases its developmental philosophy, so that a patient can be cared for by health professionals who are perfectly trained.

Respect is also a value that drives our teams. Beyond an open and attentive attitude, respect for others is about keeping one’s commitments to them in the long-term, whether it is a member of staff, a partner, or a client.

Excellency as a standard

Healthcare Training has a direct impact on patient care. We believe repetition brings excellence. From a pedagogical perspective, we make sure our simulators are efficient tools for learning, with a positive impact on the retention of information.

From a medical perspective, we only work with have medical experts in our team to ensure and adequacy with regulatory and best practices.


Sharing is caring

Sharing in the cloud
All our solutions are hosted on the cloud for access anywhere, anytime. This also allows continuous monitoring,  retrieving results (KPIs), and information about the completion of each simulator.

Sharing competencies
Collaboration being a key factor of learning, we provide multi-user possibilities for our
simulators, and encourage multi-disciplinary usage.

A drive for innovation

New technologies open new possibilities for training.

We invest in research and development to always remain up to date with the latest opportunities technology can offer and remain at the forefront of this new wave of opportunities