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  • simforhealth
    To comply with the ethical concept:
    Never the first time with the
  • simforhealth
    To offer efficient training,
    stimulating theoretical,
    social and practical skills
  • solutions simforhealth
    To update your trainings
    to new learning methods

Our solutions


With MedicActiV you can

  • Access an international library of virtual patient simulators created by healthcare professionals
  • Adapt your scenarios and create your own virtual patient simulators, with no special IT knowledge required
  • Share your training content with students and monitor their progress
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Tailor-made simulation

You wish to recreate your patient care environments virtually ?

  • Our medical team understands your needs
  • Our teaching advisors will guide you through the technological options
  • Our technology experts will recreate your environments virtually
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A virtual simulator with virtual reality

with Stanford, Medicine Vascular & Endovascular Surgery