Let’s meet this week – 1st and 2nd of June at Doctors 2.0 !

Discover our new platform MedicActiv and try directly our virtual clinical cases. Rheumatology, pneumonology or cardiology, try different virtual clinical cases on our stand.

With tablets and computers, discover the fantastic universe of virtual clinical cases and create your own account on MedicActiV with less than 5 minutes.

The platform MedicActiV, freshly updated, will be in free access for demonstrations. Real on-line library of clinical cases, you can reach our resources during the event.

Adam, our kind avatar reached of a pneumothorax, waits for you to be looked after, for a clinical case in virtual reality; -)

A special workshop based on “E_Education and Blogs” will take place on Friday from 9.30 am to 10.30 am.

Doctor Clément GOEHRS, doctor and public health expert for SimforHealth, with Sophie CAMPION, Pharmacist and international Project manager at SimforHealth, will present you a virtual clinical case in vascular surgery.

The virtual clinical case presented during this pitch, was realized with the cooperation of Doctor Aalami, vascular surgeon at the university of Stanford’s medicine. You will discover the many possibilities which offer this technology to you, thanks to this kind of training.

If you have some questions, do not hesitate to ask after the pitch. We’ll be proud to offer you our best solutions.

Let’s meet in the space Gulbenkian Workshop Room, from Friday morning.