The French Radiology Society


The French Radiology Association (SFR), and SimforHealth, have unveiled, during the 2016 Radiology Congress, in Paris, France, the first virtual clinical cases created for Medical Imaging, hosted on the MedicActiv digital simulation platform. Alongside to the specific training aspects included in these cases, SFR and SimforHealth have established a unique partnership to create the first virtual clinical case aimed at training a radiology patient. Working closely with Pr. Jean-Paul BEREGI, from Nîmes Univesity Hospital, and his team, SimforHealth developed this case to improve therapeutic education of radiology patients. For several months, Pr. BEREGI and SimforHealth worked on digitalising a patient experience prior to his scan: preparation, information, roles of the medical team (radiologist, radiographer, medical secretary…)


Patients, Radiologists


iPad, Androïd / PC and Mac on the digital simulation platform, MedicActiV.

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