Annual SimforHealth conference on digital simulation in healthcare

11 July 2016

Whether 3D real-time simulators, virtual clinical cases or mixed reality, new digital technologies are opening up new perspectives on initial and continuing training for healthcare professionals.

Every year, SimforHealth, an expert in these matters, organizes a conference to evaluate the evolution of healthcare training through digital simulation.

Capture d’écran 2016-07-11 à 14.40.07For its 3rd edition, Simforhealth has brought together 15 experts in new technologies from the world of healthcare to exchange and share around the following issue: Digital simulation – a new reality for healthcare training.

Come to experience four hours filled with knowledge and technology, including assessments of the situation of digital simulation, lessons learned from experience, solution demonstrations and a showroom. Choose the presentations that grab you and the round tables that interest you on our special website.