Together, SimforHealth and HTC VIVE are demonstrating the potential of virtual reality in health care training

26 January 2018

After being chosen as one of the four e-health innovations at CES 2017, we are continuing to grow our collaboration with the virtual reality giant HTC Vive.

Our teams have now been trained to use the HTC VIVETM headsets and have completely mastered this innovative technology. Hundreds of demonstrations at exhibitions, during the “Rencontres de la Simulation Numérique en Santé” (Digital Health Simulation Meetings) and at our annual conference have brought us closer to this number one supplier of the virtual reality headset.

When it comes to healthcare, we are the digital simulation specialists. Several clinical cases that our staff have created in collaboration with healthcare players are available in virtual reality. Equipped with an HTC ViveTM headset, healthcare professionals can immerse themselves in an operating block or an X-ray room and move about in this environment with the aim of providing care for their virtual patient.
The virtual reality headset has gained widespread use over the years, and is entirely suited to interactive, immersive, fun training.

In 2017, SimforHealth invited HTC VIVE Europe’s Vice President of Virtual Reality B2B and Business Development, Mr. Hervé Fontaine, to participate in a round table. The company gave a live demonstration to show the participants virtual reality’s potential in healthcare training.
This presentation of a virtual clinical case did not go without notice, and undoubtedly led to our participation in CES 2018 as a guest at HTC Vive’s booth.


At CES 2018, SimforHealth was the only European representative and the sole supplier of healthcare solutions from among the eight companies present in HTC Vive’s space. SimforHealth unveiled a new case of vascular surgery in multi-user mode. Journalists, visitors, new technology experts, and healthcare professionals were able to test this new case, equipped with the latest HTC Vive headset : the Vive Pro. The Vive Pro is a wireless, wi-fi- equipped headset whose resolution has been greatly increased, and which now has built-in audio.

Allowing healthcare professionals to train themselves and others in the best techniques is one of our objectives and one of HTC Vive’s solutions.

There is no need to be a video game specialist or a coder to use this technology. The combination of tool and software allows us to offer innovative solutions that are accessible to healthcare professionals worldwide.

With this combination of device and software we can offer innovative and accessible solutions to health professionals world-wide.

HTC Vive and SimforHealth are continuing their joint international travel program to demonstrate the value of virtual reality in health care, with a demonstration in China on January 24th and in Spain, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, from February 26th to March 1st 2018.