• Technology: PC, MAC
  • Content: 1 software with 30 exercises
  • Target audience: nurses, nursing students
  • Topic: dose calculation
  • Languages: French, English
  • Level: initial training, continuing education
    Developed in collaboration with: logo FOUCHER

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22 USD /license

A license allows the activation of the software on one device.

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Medication preparation errors are the second leading cause of medication error after administration errors*.

  • 10% of medication errors would be dosing errors
  • 1.8% to 5.7% of medication errors would be flow errors. 
*Guide to security and administration self-assessment
of medicines from the French National Authority for Health (HAS)

Two leaders in nursing education (Editions Foucher for their books and SimforHealth for their virtual simulators) have partnered to tackle one of the most challenging issue in medication preparation errors.

30 practical exercises = 30 simulated professional situations

Each SIMDOSE exercise confronts the trainee with a realistic professional situation for which he must mobilize his theoretical knowledge. The exercises focus on the preparation of oral forms, injectables or infusions for adult patients of all ages in a hospital context.

To understand Best Practices in Drug preparation

In each situation, the trainee progresses through all steps of drug preparation and must:

  • Administer to the right patient,

  • the right drug,

  • at the right dose,

  • on the right route,

  • at the right time.

Step 1
Prescription verification :

The nurse in training must verify that the prescription is valid and includes all the mandatory elements. He/she then verifies whether it is well adapted for the patient thanks to his/her medical file and makes sure that he/she has the necessary products for the preparation.

Step 2
Dosage calculation

Calculation of flow rate, number of vials required or calculation of the volume to be administered, each exercise requires a different calculation that must be performed according to the level of difficulty.

Step 3
Selection of products needed for the preparation

The nurse in training must select the products needed for the preparation (drugs and medical devices) in the right quantities.

Step 4
Labelling, or Preparing oral medication

For the preparation of injectable or infusion forms, the labelling must be checked and missing or erroneous information identified. For the preparation of oral forms, a quiz is used to check knowledge of good oral preparation practices.

Step 5

A quiz verifies the knowledge of the nurse in training regarding good drug administration practices.

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Maths with confidence

With SIMDOSE, the trainee can train as many times as necessary to gain ease and master the mathematical rules of dose calculation.

Thanks to the 3 levels of difficulty (beginner, normal, expert), he benefits from a progressive learning and can master the calculations while being less and less guided by clues or aids.


Simulation-based training:
active, realistic and even fun

SIMDOSE respects the steps of a training by simulation. A briefing gives the initial clinical context, theoretical reminders at each step allow to review important notions and the final feedback includes a score allowing to evaluate oneself.

A tool adapted to all training contexts

SIMDOSE can be used independently by a student or a nurse wishing to review certain concepts, or within the framework of a training given at the hospital or in a nursing school.


Minimum System Requirements:

PC / MAC computer

  • Platform: Windows 64-bit (from with Windows 10), MAC (from MacOS 10.12 Sierra)
  • Graphics card: graphics card equal to or greater than an Intel HD Graphics 5500
  • Processor and memory: Intel i5 ;  at least 2 GB RAM
  • Hard disk space: approx. 400 MB
  • Internet connection:  only at first use to enter the license code
  • SIMDOSE is not available via the MedicActiV platform. 
    SIMDOSE is not compatible with tablets, Chromebooks or 32-bit computers.