Virtual reality for healthcare training

3 November 2016

The HTC Vive, a virtual reality headset, enables the wearer to move, walk and explore in a virtual world with which they can interact. When applied to the healthcare sector, this technology opens up innumerable new paths for healthcare training. SimforHealth presented these possibilities at Stanford Medicine X within the context of their selection to demonstrate MedicActiV.




Visitors to this international fair, which is dedicated to the technology that is building the future of medicine, could view a video of a medical student being thrust into a hospital environment, walking from the entrance to a patient’s room to carry out some tests.

Full immersion is guaranteed in this world, which can reproduce any situation a healthcare professional may be faced with in their day-to-day work. To acquire reflex reactions, practice movements and procedures, develop clinical reasoning and improve decision making, virtual reality is an ideal digital simulation solution that enables the user to learn actively, as demonstrated in the video.



Visitors to the event were blown away by the technology and the realistic environment created and so were keen to try out the solution. To enable them to continue with their experience, SimforHealth donated a HTC Vive to the students of Stanford.

Meet SimforHealth and try out the HTC Vive on the SimforHealth stand at the Journées Francophone de Radiologie (Francophone radiology conference) from October 14 to 17.