Digital simulation to train healthcare professionals

9 March 2017

What the French and American press have to say

SimforHealth’s involvement in the CES Las Vegas, last January, gave the American and French press the chance to focus on the technologies which will drive healthcare training forward and to highlight the ethical benefit of digital simulation-

 “Never the first time with the patient”.

Repeating gestures and procedures, and updating knowledge to coincide with the current constraints of initial and continuous training… While the challenges and benefits of learning to practise on a virtual avatar before treating a real patient are well understood, digital simulation tools are yet to be made accessible and be integrated into health education.

Reports about SimforHealth solutions from TF1, France 2, BFM TV and articles from US media outlets such as Silicon Beat show that health education is a hot topic for both healthcare professionals and the general public. More than ever, the well-being and care of the patient is at the heart of concern.

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