SimforHealth selected by HTC to take part in its international VIVECON 2021 conference

5 May 2021

Pioneer in the VR for Healthcare field, historical partner of HTC in the deployment of VR solutions for care givers and medical staff, SimforHealth keeps on improving the use cases of VR for its customers, whether using VivePro or Focus+ devices, according to the needs and expectations.

SimforHealth has been selected as one of the VR in Healthcare expert by HTC for their annual conference VIVECON 2021

From Worldwide renowned medical congresses experiences in Oncology to very specific programs in Fertility medicine, or nursing education in more than 70 French Nursing schools, we are proud to support the HTC community and VR expansion in Healthcare.

In the past few year the emergence of VR in Healthcare has proven to be a major trend, and the use cases are increasing quickly, from procedural learning (the initial uses) to other areas, such as behavioral training (empathy) and soft skills. It offers the possibility to the learner (whatever his/her age, level of expertise, etc.) to practice unlimitedly the execution of a procedure while limiting costs and risks: “Never the first time on the patient”.

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