[#LavalVirtual] Crossing the Chasm : from early adopters to early majority : a short story of our VR journey

7 July 2021

For its 23rd edition, Laval Virtual has decided to organize the first hybrid event. Building on the success of its virtual edition in 2020 in the Laval Virtual World, the Laval Virtual exhibition to be held from 7th to 9th July 2021 will be both physical and virtual. Create your avatar and join the 18,000 visitors from all over the world to attend conferences, networking moments and the Laval Virtual Awards ceremony!

For this edition, SimforHealth is invited as a speaker, to share its expertise and vision on the evolution of virtual reality.

Join Xavier Abadie, Chief international development officer at SimforHealth, on July 8 at 4:40 pm to discuss the topic: “Crossing the Chasm: from early adopters to early majority: a short story of our VR journey”.

At 4:55 pm, attend the panel about virtual reality in healthcare: “XR in Healthcare Are we really scaling up?” with Carine De Potter, Bob Fine, Laureline Comte Legrand, Lars Riedemann, Franck Assaban, Othman Chiheb, and Xavier Abadie.

For more information, find the program of this event.