A clinical case in virtual reality, in collaboration with Stanford Medicine Vascular & Endovascular Surgery

21 April 2017

« Stanford Medicine Ed Conference » has booked SimforHealth to give a presentation at their upcoming conference « Stanford Ed Conference » on April 22 and 23, in the category “Embracing New tech opportunities”.(Stanford Medicine X | ED is a conference on the future of medical education at the intersections of people, technology and design)

To show-case SimforHealth’s expertise in digital simulation in health-care, the team will present MedicActiV, an international platform for creating, consulting and disseminating virtual clinical cases. On the one hand, this platform enables all health-care professionals to acquire knowledge through initial or continuing training, while on the other hand, it allows health-care educational establishments to create and disseminate their own clinical cases.

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At this event, SimforHealth is particularly keen to present an application developed in collaboration with Stanford Medicine Vascular & Endovascular Surgery, Oliver Aalami, MD, Clinical Associate Professor –Vascular Surgeon, Stanford Medicine and Dr Pierre Antoine Fougerouse, with the creation of a virtual clinical case in vascular medicine using the power of virtual reality, which will be disseminated via the MedicActiV platform.

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