SimforHealth are placing digital simulation at the service of Canadian healthcare professionals

24 April 2017

For its 4th yearly conference, on next Wednesday April 26th, SimforHealth and the FMOQ (federation of the general practitioners of Quebec) will announce the signature of a partnership for the elaboration of a virtual clinical case which will be available quickly on our platform of digital simulation, MedicActiV.

The FMOQ, a union association representing the doctors’ general practitioners of Quebec, count more than 9500 members grouped in 19 associations.

Dedicated also to negotiate with the governmental authorities the conditions of exercise of the doctors’ general practitioners with the purpose of improving the offer of care and services in the network of the health, the FMOQ wants to develop very soon with SimforHealth, a new virtual clinical case about a patient reached of cluster headache.

The training being at the heart of the expertise of the FMOQ, the wish to develop virtual clinical cases with SimforHealth also participates in the motivation of the FMOQ to be able to offer a constant evaluation to the healthcare professionals in Quebec.

Thanks to these virtual clinical cases, qualified evaluations can be implemented and will allow the healthcare professionals to put themselves into a virtual situation of diagnosis, therapeutic decision-making and management of a patient to optimize their knowledge, and to help them to develop their skills.
These online trainings will also allow to modify and to improve certain clinical behaviour.

With this partnership with SimforHealth, the digital simulation in Continuous Professional Development makes its entrance to the FMOQ.
His members as well as all the Canadian doctors with the cooperation of MedicActiV, can reach the first ” Canadian Virtual Center of Digital Simulation in Health “.

Thanks to the creation of MedicActiV, international library of virtual clinical cases, SimforHealth not only allows to all the healthcare professionals to acquire, to complete or to improve knowledge in initial or constant training, but it also make possible to Training organizations in health, to create, to develop and to spread their own clinical cases.

A collaboration full of promise, enriched by numerous virtual clinical cases. Very happy to start our collaboration, we shall give to the FMOQ all our expertise and our know-how.

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