Nursing students have found the solution to never miss a dosage calculation again

15 March 2022

Dosage calculation, the bane of nursing students

In a review of medication error incidents reported to the National Reporting and Learning System it was shown that medication errors are most often due to incorrect dosing, most frequently from miscalculation.

In order to ensure patient safety and to achieve the best nursing care and drug administration, it is essential to master these dosage calculations. Any error can put patients’ lives at risk. It is therefore necessary to practice all types of dosing through regular tests and scenarios. Education based on digital simulation is one method of training nurses or student nurses in safe medication practices.

Dosage calculation is easy with SIMDOSE

It is in this context that SIMDOSE was created. This digital simulation software, developed by the company SimforHealth in partnership with Editions Foucher, enables students or practicing nurses to train in dosage calculation and drug preparation.



In SIMDOSE, the learner is placed in a professional situation in a realistic environment


With SIMDOSE the learner is confronted with a realistic professional situation for which he must mobilise his theoretical knowledge. The 30 exercises cover the preparation of oral forms, injectables or infusions for adult patients of all ages in a hospital setting, divided into 3 levels of difficulty.

Just like in a video game, you play a nurse who receives a patient’s prescription and follow the steps involved in preparing the medication. You can practice dose calculation and measure your skills in nursing mathematics. The simulation training is active, realistic and even fun. SIMDOSE follows the steps of simulation training. A briefing gives the initial clinical context, theoretical reminders at each stage allow you to review the important concepts and the final feedback includes a score to evaluate yourself.

Already used by thousands of students, this software is available for only 22 USD and works on Mac OS & Windows (A license allows the activation of the software on one device.).


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About SimforHealth and Editions Foucher: two leaders in nursing education (Editions Foucher for their books and SimforHealth for their virtual simulators) have worked together in order to develop a digital tool that meets a specific educational need.